In 2013, the Institute set up a new Journalists-in-Residence program. This program supports journalism on the history of science, aiming to foster the communication of central themes in the history of science to the broader public and to enhance the role of the history of science within the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Seeking to make its research more visible, the MPIWG has invited journalists to take advantage of research resources for their own projects. To support dialogue between journalists and researchers, the journalists each organized one workshop for the MPIWG during their stay.

Past Workshops

Christian Schwägerl:
“Building a Media Coral Reef: Can Ecosystem Research Inspire Journalism in a Time of Media Crisis?”

Klaus Taschwer:
“Communicating History of Science in/to the Media”

Sarah Everts:
“Adventures in Communication: When Academics Speak to Journalists”

Alexander Mäder:
“What History of Science Can Contribute to the Media”

Thomas De Padova:
“How to Write A Press Release on Galileo’s 450th Birthday”

Andreas Bernard:
“Writing Journalism, Writing History of Science: Contradiction or Complement?”


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